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Super charge your team with social recognition

Help each other grow with continuous social feedback that are tied to values that matter to you and your team.

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Focus on meaningful feedback with machine learning

Hoorah’s machine learning model scores every feedback on quality. Non work related feedbacks gets one star, so that you can focus on the ones that matter.

Anonymous and Secure
We have created a patent-pending anonymisation process that reduces the chances of recipients guessing the identity of the sender.
Choice to be anonymous
You will always have the choice to be anonymous.
Randomised delivery time
All anonymous feedback will be delivered to the recipient after an indeterminate duration (usually 1 to 2 days)
Total anonymity
No one will be able to view the identity of anonymous senders – not the admin, supervisor or employer.
Made for everyone
Powerful and simple to use, be it for Hoorah users or external parties like clients and vendors
360° feedback tracking
Review all-year round collaboration and performance at a glance
Reliable data
Gainful insights via data visualisation, powered by machine learning
Anonymous and secure
Go anonymous whenever you want, so you can give valuable feedback without any worries
Continuous two-way feedback
Respond to feedback from everyone, even anonymous ones
Mobile-first technology
Give and receive instant professional feedback anywhere, anytime
Interim reviews wouldn’t have been possible without Hoorah! Soft KPIs such as coaching and people skills can now be measured. I’ve gained insights into staff and I can act on them to shape behaviours.
– Partner of an MNC firm
Internal feedback should never be just part of yearly performance appraisal. Hoorah enables any organisation to seamlessly give and receive feedback from each other – helping us to work better together and enhance our work culture.
Adrian Tan, Operations Director
Ingeus Pte Ltd
Elisa Ang,
Founder of Hoorah

Why did we create Hoorah?

We believe it’s time for change in our work culture. Employers should do good by their people, by starting to listen and act on feedback.

Hoorah is built for everyone. Having been on both sides of the table, our goal is to create a fair playing ground and to give voice to every individual regardless of status. We believe at the end of the day, people leave people, not organisations.

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