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Why did we create Hoorah?


Having been on both sides of the table, we believe that it’s time for a change. Bosses should do good by their people but how?

Start listening to and acting on feedback. Hoorah is built for the people where we seek a fair playing ground for all and give a voice to every individual regardless of status because we believe that people leave people, not organisations.

Hoorah is a mobile first professional feedback solution where anyone can give anyone feedback. Teams can give each other feedback via Hoorah’s mobile app or web links. Users can also request for feedback from anyone. Social recognition drives engagement and desired organisational behaviours.

To benefit as many people as possible, we are making Hoorah TOTALLY FREE NOW!

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For more details, check out our "how it works" section


Leave comments on feedback, even anonymous ones

Social recognition

Recognize your colleagues socially to drive positive behaviours


Anonymity is there when you want it

Continuous feedback

Give and receive professional feedback to anyone, anywhere, anytime and instantly

Personal link

Receive feedback from anyone with your own unique web link that you can share with others


Group people by departments, projects or skills with tags

Quality score

Our machine learning model scores the quality of each feedback which can be viewed in the dashboard


Gain insights on interpersonal relationships through network visualisations and analytics

Holistic performance reviews

Review all feedback received at a glance

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We do not ask for information that we do not need for your security and convenience.
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Tell us about your organisation

We will like to keep feedback relevant, so tell us what are your organisation's core values and anyone giving feedback to your team will be tagging their feedback to those values.

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Add team members

We will auto magically create Hoorah accounts for all the members and add them to each other's workmates. They will notified via email with all the information they need.

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Go team!

Your team is now ready to start a feedback culture!
You can manage your team via the dashboard at anytime.

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Here's what people say about Hoorah

"We would not have been able to do our interim reviews without Hoorah! I’ve gained insights into staff that I don’t normally know about, and can act on them to shape behaviours. We can now even measure soft KPIs such as coaching and other people skills."

Partner / Professional Services Firm

"Hoorah is a good initiative as personnel will be able to receive feedback from people whom we seldom interact with. It feels great when we do get appreciated for the little things."

Associate Consultant


We all have valuable opinions and feedback, but we are not always comfortable giving it in person or even letting the recipient know it came from us. That is why we created a patent-pending anonymisation process that reduces the chances of recipients guessing the identity of the sender and still gets the valuable feedback across.

How it works
  • All anonymous feedback will only be delivered to the recipient after a random amount of time ( 1 - 2 days )
  • No one will be able to view the identity of anonymous senders. Not your admin, your boss or your supervisor.
  • Leave comments on anonymous feedback anonymously to remain anonymous
Note: Currently anonymous feedbacks sent via the personal web links will send email notifications instantly

Abuse of anonymity to attack others irresponsibly.

We do not condone racism, harassment, blackmail, threatening messages or abuse of any sort. If anyone feels that the feedback given is inappropriate and offensive, do not hesitate to report the feedback via the dropdown menu in the app.

We will always notify the sender prior to revealing his/her identity to the team admins. Let’s make love not war! :)

Have a suggestion for us? Give us feedback here!