How it works

Feed - Social Feed

Like, comment and view all the Hoorahs you and your workmates have received here. Feedback can be a two-way communication with the Comment function. Comment on feedback received by your workmates as well and you can send them anonymously if you want to.

  1. Tap on the Speech Bubble icon to comment.
  2. Tap on the Thumbs Up icon to like.
  3. Tap on your Profile Picture for the anonymity toggle.


Get notified on feedback received, comments, requests and achievements unlocked by you and your workmates here.

Also, accept/decline “add workmate” requests all on your Alerts tab.


Add and edit profile pictures, name, designation, company name and description here.


Add #hashtags for yourself or head over to your workmates profile and add #hashtags for them. These tags can include specific skill sets you or your workmates possess I.E. #photoshop #autocad #javascript. Tags can also include projects you or your workmates have been on.
Try it!

  • Tap on the “+” sign to add a #hashtag

Password change

Change your password by tapping on the Pencil icon at the top left corner on your profile screen.
Enter your new password into the field.


We all have valuable opinions and feedback, but we are not always comfortable giving it in person or even letting the recipient know it came from us. That is why we created a patent-pending anonymisation process that reduces the chances of recipients guessing the identity of the sender and still gets the valuable feedback across.

How it works

All anonymous feedback will only be delivered to the recipient after a random amount of time ( 1 - 2 days ) No one will be able to view the identity of anonymous senders. Not your admin, your boss or your supervisor.
The feedback will appear in your 'My Feed' as well. Leave comments on anonymous feedback anonymously by tapping on your profile photo to remain anonymous, whilst still have a two way dialogue about the feedback.

Ps: Currently anonymous feedbacks sent via the personal web links will send email notifications instantly

Abuse of anonymity to attack others irresponsibly.
We do not condone racism, harassment, blackmail, threatening messages or abuse of any sort. If anyone feels that the feedback given is inappropriate and offensive, do not hesitate to report the feedback via the dropdown menu in the app.

We will always notify the sender prior to revealing his/her identity to the team admins.
Let’s make love not war! :)

Feedback for your team

Want to start a feedback culture in your team?

But how do teams work in Hoorah?
Hoorah started out with the concept of an organisation with departments in it. But we quickly realised that this was too restrictive and old school. Now the workplace is about a team of teams.
So now in Hoorah, an organisation has many teams.
An individual can belong to more than one team. Simple!

Just proceed here to set up your team in 5 mins!

Here are the steps you will be guided through:

  1. Enter your name, work email address, password
  2. Verify your email with the link sent to your work email address
  3. Enter your organisation name and core values
  4. Enter your team name and members along with their work email addresses

    We will pre-create accounts for each of the member, send them an email starter pack and the moment they login, they will see each other in their workmates list. Magic!

  5. You will be directed to the dashboard to view what is happening and manage the team.